The Ice Ball





General Rules of Conduct

All Participants (Professionals and  Students) must purchase the entry tickets to the ballroom. 

All competition participants must be in the ballroom at least 30 minutes prior to their heat start time, which are provided in the Heat Lists. 

 If the couple has missed their heat, no money will be returned. 

The organiser is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any personal belongings left in the ballroom, the changing rooms or any other competition premises. 

Competition organisers are not liable and not responsible for any health problems or injuries sustained  during the event.  This is solely the risk of the participants. Couples  can enter the competition as  ProAm or Amateurs.

Term 'ProAm' is defined as a Professional  teacher dancing with their student.

A student dancer does not teach Ballroom, Latin, American Smooth or American Rhythm.

A  Professional teacher may only have one student dancer in any given competition. Strictly no partner change in any event.

Dances in Amateurs competition are:

  • International Standard (W, T, VW, F, Q)

  • International Latin (C, S, R, Pd, J)


Dances in ProAm competition are:

  • International Standard (W, T, VW, F, Q)

  • International Latin (C, S, R, Pd, J)

  • American Smooth (W, T, F, VW)

  • American Rhythm (C, R, SW, B, M)


Categories and Levels  for ProAm:

Single Dance Events

Open Bronze

Open Silver

Open Gold

Scholarship Competitions

 The event is only divided into 3 age categories. 

Competitors can enter in two age categories – one within their age and one lower than actual age..

The Ice Ball International Dance Award

 This competition is in Scholarship age categories only mentioned in above. In order to be eligible to dance in the The Ice Ball International Dance Award the couple has to register and dance a minimum  of 5 single dances

(4 for American smooth)


Age Categories

A0 – up to 30

A1 – 31-40

A2 – 41-50

B1 – 51-60

B2 – 61-70

B3 71+

Scholarship events age categories

A – up to 40

B – 41- 55

C – 56+


Only Adjudicators with International License will be judging the event.

During the competition, it is prohibited for adjudicators to talk with participating couples, give their remarks and opinions.  It is also prohibited for adjudicators to discuss couples between themselves.  Couples are not permitted to approach any judges and ask for their opinion or remarks.  Adjudicators cannot comment on their marks. 

The Organisers

Michael & Maritina Burton and

Princeps Academy

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