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We are privileged to have


the world leading dance couture brand supporting  The Ice Ball

FlopZ  Company supporting us with special prizes for The Ice Ball event.

Beautifully colourful flip flops with a unique massaging sensation.

Freedom to Dance has been established as the right to all dances over many years.

We believe that Freedom of Dance can not be granted by only one organisation.

It is based on fairness , integrity and principle.


World Competitors Commission is a non-profit organization

representing Professional and Amateur competitors worldwide. We want dancers to have the freedom to focus on their dancing and will support them along the way in any way possible.

POL is a Design House concentrating on the Aviation Industry, working closely with signature Architects. POL has decades of engineering experience at both Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. POL supports and sponsor individuals and events with a good cause which can make difference in

community and people's lives from sports challenges ,events etc. 

If you would like to support the event  we would appreciate your kindness or if you are a vendor and would like to offer your services at The Ice Ball please contact us for further information via our email address


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