The Ice Ball


1. General Provisions

1.  Definitions

The “Terms and Conditions” refers to this Terms and Conditions of The Ice Ball portal regulating in particular the registration and purchase of online tickets for the event, hereafter mentioned as “Terms and Conditions”,         

The “Visitor” – Participant – refers to an observer who purchased an online ticket for the event without registration via the Web Portal, hereafter mentioned as “Visitor”,

The “Competitors” refers to a natural person who registered as a participant of the The Ice Ball via the Web Portal with intent to participate in the competition, hereafter mentioned as “Contestant”,

The “Online Ticket” refers to an electronic ticket for an event, generated by the system of the Web Portal, hereafter mentioned as “Online Ticket”.

2.  By registering and purchasing an Online Ticket or by purchasing an Online Ticket you consent to this Terms and Conditions and all provisions thereof.

3.  When registering and purchasing an Online Ticket, the Participant is obliged to provide accurate and complete data.


2. General Terms and Conditions of Registration

1.  All the obligatory fields of the first registration form provided on the Web Portal should be filled in to register and purchase an Online Ticket.  Only after all the obligatory fields of the registration form are completed, will it be possible to follow the next steps .

2.  When registering via the registration form, it will be required that you provide: your first and last name, phone number, e-mail address, your teacher's name / surname, studio name , country you are representing.

3.  The registration process may be completed at any point in order to proceed to payment for registration and/or Online Ticket purchase.

4. A couple is counted as “registered” only when required registration form has been submitted in the specified time period and all the required payments have been made.  Once registered and paid, but not present in the competition (haven’t arrived) no refunds will be provided to the couple. 


3. Choosing the Ticket in the Registration Process


1.  The Competitors should compete in at least 5 single dances (4 for the American Smooth category) of each style to be able to apply for the The Ice Ball International Dance Award category.

2.   There are two options for The Competitors Admission Tickets :

Day Session - Participants compete in Single dances competition and Scholarship and

Day & Evening Session  -  Participants compete in 5 dances in each style (4 American Smooth)

in The Ice Ball International Dance Award

The  Competitors evening Admission ticket includes the seat in the gallery.

Dancers who are competing only in Day session need to buy General Public Admission Ticket for the evening.

3.  After the end of the registration process and Online Ticket purchase  you will proceed to payment via Paypal , credit card or  Direct Bank transfer. Bank details are included at the bottom of Registration form.


4.  The Process of Ticket Selection by Visitors

1.  The Visitor can purchase an Online Ticket for The Ice Ball Day session and/or The Ice Ball Evening session.

2.  Online Ticket for The Ice Ball grants access to the Ballroom and the lounge/bar area.

Day session General Public Admission tickets are at the flat rate regardless which seats the Visitor chooses. Evening session tickets differentiate by the seats

Row ‘A’ (front seats)

Row ‘B’ (second row seats)

Row ‘C’ (third south row seats facing the stage)

Gallery seats on the mezzanine level south overlooking the Dance floor and stage

5.  Terms and Conditions of Online Ticket Sales

1.  All the prices provided are gross prices, VAT included. Prices listed for each module are binding at the time of purchase.

2.  The Sales Agreement is concluded via the Web Portal and requires that the following data of the Participant is provided:

a)   For competitors registration and purchase of the Online Ticket: first and last name, DOB, address, country, city, phone number,

e-mail address , gender, Teacher’s name, School/Studio name, country representing

b)   For purchase of the Online Ticket by Visitor – first and last name, phone number, e-mail address, address: country, postal code, city (collected by Paypal)

3.  The Organiser shall not be held liable for any false or incorrect data provided by the Visitor or Competitor.

4.  Online Ticket purchase is concluded the moment the payment is credited to the account of the Organiser.  If the payment is not confirmed with 48 hours, the registration process and ticket purchase is automatically cancelled.

5.  Online Ticket is a document entitling to participation in the event.

6.  Inability to purchase Online Tickets is tantamount to lack of tickets for the event.


6.  Payment

1.  The payment can be made by Paypal , credit card or direct bank transfer .

2.  Following the payment, the Competitor/Visitor shall receive a confirmation email.


7.  Refund Policy

1.  The Organiser does not exchange tickets.

2.  Refund is possible only in the case of the event’s cancellation at the organisers discretion only.

3.  Information on the event’s cancellation is communicated to the Participant to the e-mail address provided in the form.


8.  Complaints

1.  Complaints regarding Online Ticket sales should be reported to the e-mail address customerservice@thelondonball.uk within 3 working days following the day the Participant obtained the Online Tickets.

2.  Complaints regarding Online Ticket sales shall be handled no later than 14 days following the day they were reported.

3.  The complaint report shall include:

a)  First and last name of the reporting person,

b)  Phone number,

c)  E-mail address,

d)  Scope of the complaint,

e)  An accurate description of the complaint,

f)   Reason for the complaint

4.  Complaints providing incorrect or incomplete data stated in sec. 3 above as well as inappropriate or insulting complaints will not be handled.

5.  The reporting person shall be informed about the way the complaint was handled by a message sent to the e-mail address provided therein.

6.  For contemporary technical problems regarding operation of the Web Portal, please contact:



9.  Personal Data Protection

1.  Personal data provided in the process of registration and Online Tickets purchase is administered by the Organiser.

2.  Providing personal data in the process of registration and Online Tickets purchase is voluntary. Providing such data is tantamount to consenting to processing and storage of personal data by the Organiser in order to execute the process of registration and purchase of tickets and essential contact with the client, as stated in the Privacy Policy.

3.  Providing personal data is tantamount to accepting this Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Web Portal The Ice Ball

4. Attending The Ice Ball event you agree to be included in event video and on event  photos for future publicity use.


10.  Final Provisions

1.  The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the event for a any reason.  In the event of cancellation, the Organiser shall not be held liable for the costs incurred by the Participants other than the price of the Online Ticket.

2.  The Organiser reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions for a valid reason.  The Participant shall be notified of such change by a message sent to the provided e-mail address.  The amended Terms and Conditions are binding for the Participant unless he/she refuses to accept the changes before the amended Terms and Conditions come into force.  The amendment of the Terms and Conditions has no effect on the registration process and ticket purchase prior to it.

3.  The Terms and Conditions are available at Web Portal The Ice Ball

4.  The Terms and Conditions shall be available from 16th August 2019.

The Organisers

Michael & Martina Burton and

Pricneps Academy

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